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Safe and Effective Chiropractic Treatments for Acute & Chronic Pain

Our advanced chiropractic treatments has produced an incredible success rate in reducing or eliminating various pain conditions. 

Conditions Treated With Chiropractic Care at
Zahn Chiropractic Clinic

Have you been searching for some relief from a painful condition? If you live in the Shreveport area, then Zahn Chiropractic Clinic could be just the chiropractor to help you. Whether you are dealing with neck pain, lower back pain, or other painful conditions, they have a wide range of different treatment options that will help to regain your mobility, reduce your pain, and improve your quality of life.


Whenever you attend the clinic for the first time, you can expect to go through a thorough diagnostic process and an in-depth discussion about what you are hoping to get out of your treatment. Then a specialized treatment plan will be developed for you using the techniques that will be most effective at treating your particular condition.

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What conditions are treated at Zahn Chiropractic Clinic?

A skilled chiropractor, like those found at Zahn Chiropractic Clinic, will be able to treat a wide range of painful conditions, both acute and chronic, as well as sports, injuries, road traffic accident injuries, and many more. Your chiropractor will be able to understand exactly how your injury is affecting your entire body and will treat the root cause of your problem, rather than simply masking the pain.

At Zahn Chiropractic Clinic, the chiropractors are trained in an array of therapeutic methods, including:

Lower back pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common causes of pain and chiropractors are in a unique position to be able to help you because they are experts in the functioning of the spine and the back. One of the reasons why lower back pain can be so difficult to treat is the sheer complexity of how that area of your body functions, so bringing in an expert who can both identify the problem and target the right treatment for it can be invaluable.


If your lower back pain is being caused by compression of your sciatic nerve, you may be finding it difficult to go about your daily life. The key to treating this issue is to take the pressure off your sciatic nerve to relieve your pain and any other symptoms, such as numbness.

The chiropractors at Zahn Chiropractic Care can offer you effective and non-invasive treatments to relieve your sciatic nerve and reduce your sciatic pain symptoms. These treatments will vary depending on what is causing the compression on your nerve. For example, chiropractic care can reduce any misalignment in your spine which could be putting pressure on your sciatic nerve and non-surgical spinal decompression can help to reduce your sciatica if it is being caused by a herniated disc. Your chiropractor may also offer you treatment methods that are specifically designed to reduce your pain, such as shockwave therapy, as well as treatments to help your muscles to relax and reduce inflammation.

Herniated disc

A herniated disc is when the cushioning between your vertebrae bulges out. This can put pressure on the nerves surrounding your spine and cause pain. A herniated disc can be treated by a chiropractor using a variety of methods.

For example, non-surgical spinal decompression will gently stretch your spine which will create negative pressure between the vertebrae, which helps to pull the bulging disc material back into place. It also encourages healing nutrients to enter the area and encourage your body to heal. Chiropractic care can help to correct any misalignments in the spine that could be exacerbating the problem, and other pain-relieving methods can help you to deal with the pain while you heal.

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the canal that carries your spinal cord. It can put pressure on your spinal cord as well as the nerves that surround your spine, and it can be a very painful and debilitating condition. There is no cure for spinal stenosis, but a skilled chiropractor can help to reduce your symptoms.

The spinal stenosis will often lead to other problems in your lower back, such as muscle strain, and it can be made worse if your spine is misalgined or if there are any other contributing issues. A comprehensive treatment plan will be developed by your chiropractor to ensure that your back is in its best possible condition so that your spinal stenosis symptoms will be at the lowest they can be.

Neck pain

Neck pain is extremely common, and often more so in recent years because of our reliance on screens. Although most people will deal with neck pain at some point in their lives, if yours is interfering with your daily life it can be well worth approaching a chiropractor.

Sometimes the exact cause of your neck pain is difficult to find, especially if you haven't suffered a recent injury, but it can often be caused by problems with the cervical spine itself, problems with the muscles or connective tissues in your neck, or problems with the nerves that run alongside your spine (these can be nerves in your neck or elsewhere as the pain can travel).

Your chiropractor will use a range of diagnostic methods to determine exactly what is at the root of your neck pain and develop a tailored treatment plan so that you can regain mobility and reduce your pain as quickly as possible. For example, if it is being caused by a misalignment of your cervical spine, or a misalignment elsewhere in your spine, then chiropractic care will be able to correct this for you. If it is being caused by the muscles or connective tissue directly, then your chiropractor will have a range of treatments that can reduce inflammation and pain, which will help to restore function.

The above are just some examples of the more common conditions that can be treated at Zahn Chiropractic Clinic. If you are dealing with a condition or injury that is affecting your life, and you aren't sure whether a chiropractor can help you, just get in touch to find out. You will always receive the highest quality care that is aimed at treating you as a person, and not just your symptoms.

Do you suffer from pain? Let us help you.

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